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AOR HEAVEN ::: N E W S L E T T E R ::: 20/07/2018


Howdy melodic rockers,

Summer time with great weather nearly everywhere in Europe, so it’s not that much surprising that there is not much action at the new releases front.

The only two new titles are expected by Monday from down under feat. the really good NITRATE album and the double CD from Joe Cerisano.


Please check the first tracks from our upcoming August release from TASTE at !



Have a great week

Georg & Monika




JEAN BEAUVOIR - Rock Masterpieces Vol.1

A: 11 € B: 13 €

Crown Of Thorns (Edit)

Feel The Heat (Edit)

Voodoo Queen (Edit)

JEAN BEAUVOIR (ex THE PLASMATICS, CROWN OF THORNS) is way more than “just“ producer, songwriter to session musician for the likes of KISS, THE RAMONES, LIONEL RITCHIE or JOHN WAITE to name but a few. The Haitian-born American has got his own rock legacy with his solo stuff and with CROWN OF THORNS foremost. His biggest hit “Feel The Heat“ from the soundtrack to “Cobra“ is on board, of course, although the majority of the songs (e.g. “Lyin’“ or “Faith“) are taken from various COT-records. “The Awakening“ from the brillant VOODOO X debut is another true gem to be found here. “Rock Masterpiecess Vol. 2“ is coming up soon, too to complete the picture before a brand new album is about to be published! JEAN BEAUVOIR is back, although he hasn’t really been away. Outstanding, too, is the acoustic version of “Standing On The Corner For Ya“ at the end of the fully remastered record.




VON BALTZER - Cultural Daze

A: 11 € B: 13 €

All Night Long (Edit)

Burning Bridges (Edit)

Cultural Days (Edit)

The Swedish band VON BALTZER plays a cool mixture of lots of classic rock, a considerable amount of AOR und a little bit of progressive rock sounds. Stylewise, “Cultural Daze“ could have been made in both the seventies or the eighties - without being old-fashioned at all. The two mainmen Christian Kjellström (g, ATLANTIS) and Erik Palmqvist (g) seem to have found the perfect voice for their purposes. This voice is none but the mighty Ian Parry (e.g. ELEGY, AYREON). “Cultural daze“ offers ten timeless rock songs that mostly kick ass and offer great lyrics about what we as society will have to face in these turbulent days. A band to definitely keep an eye on - or better to open one’s ears to. “Better Days“, “Radio Active“ and “Stepping Stone“ are the right first encounters to the world of VON BALTZER. Produced by Magnus Johansson.





NITRATE - Real World

A: 12,5 € B: 15 €

Nitrate is the brainchild of Nick Hogg (guitars/keyboards) who after playing in a few bands in the early 2000’s decided after a long absence from the music scene to get back into song writing again. Needing help, Nick enlisted songwriter/musician Rob Wylde (Midnite City/Tigertailz/Teenage Casket Company), who had the same musical influences. Rob was able to structure/produce the songs, sing on the demo’s whilst playing drums, bass and guitar. With Rob Wylde about to launch Midnite City, the hunt went on for a suitable vocalist. Joss Mennen of ZINATRA fame finally got the job and with Pete Newdeck taking over mixing/drums the result is a sure winner for melodick rock lovers into DALTON / ZINATRA / FATE.


- Studio Cuts & Live (2CDs)

A: 13,5 € B: 16 €

Joe Cerisano is an acclaimed singer, songwriter, and producer who has the distinction of possessing one of the most familiar voices in America. Traveling to the west coast in the early 80’s Joe formed the now legendary California rock band 'Silver Condor' with guitarist Earl Slick (i.e. David Bowie and John Lennon) on Columbia Records. In 1981, Silver Condor released their debut album and had the Top 40 hit "You Could Take My Heart Away." Silver Condor released their sophomore effort "Trouble at Home" in 1983.This two CD collection contains 14 rare tracks  out of the recordings for both Silver Condor albums plus 11 live tracks which were recorded in 1981 after the release of the first Silver Condor album. Strictly limited edition of 500 copies.




DARE - Out Of The Silence II

A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

Probably the best - and the most successful - album of DARE, the band lead by Darren Wharton (keys, ex THIN LIZZY), is reissued. Newly recorded and harder as well as more rocking. “Out Of The Silence II“ is certainly no replacement for the brilliant original but a great companion. The freshly polished sounds fit like a glove to genre classics by the name of “Abandon“, “Into The Fire“, “Raindance“ or “King Of Spades“. Well…additionally, Wharton’s voice is still magic. Period!


CITA - Relapse Of Reason & Heat Of Emotion
(2 CDs, digi pack)

A: 15,5 € B: 18,5 €

Caught In The Act (CITA) roots extend all the way back to 1989. The band quickly rose among the ranks of the most popular bands on the Denver rock scene. The band was noticed by former Axe & Blackfoot vocalist and guitarist Bobby Barth. Barth lived in Los Angeles and brought the band out for a recording session in the summer of 1992. The trip changed the landscape for the band significantly as Bobby Barth managed to secure deals for the band in Europe and Japan. The debut "Relapse Of Reason" and the follow up "Heat Of Emotion" stands for two of the finest melodic rock releases of the 90s. Both albums has been remastered by JK Northrup and contains bonus material.



A: 12,5 € B: 15 €

FREE FROM SIN from Sweden and their second effort once again offer heavy metal in the vein of JUDAS PRIEST and hard rock reminiscent of DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW. This album is darker und heavier than the debut and it manages to capture the listener easily. The thundering “Break And Burn“ and the very playful “Borderline“, which has got STRATOVARIUS moments all over the place, are milestones of this amazing record.





Our discount offer during the months July / August
- as usual strictly based on a first come, first serve basis !

Ea. CD                      A: 2,00€                    B:2,50€ 

BACHMAN & TURNER - Bachman & Turner (digi pack)you save: 66%

PLAYER - Too Many Reasons
you save: 66%

Ea. CD                      A: 4,00€                    B: 5,00€ 


BAI BANG - Rock Of Life
you save: 45%

DANTE FOX - Breathless
you save: 33%

WICKMAN ROAD - After The Rain
you save: 33%

Ea. CD                      A: 6,00€                    B: 7,50€ 

AGE OF REFLECTION - In The Heat Of The Night
you save: 20%

DA VINCI - Ambition Rocks
you save: 40%

DOGFACE - ReLeashed +2
you save: 45%

JIM JIDHED - Push On Through
you save: 20%

KRATZ, MICHAEL - Live Your Life
you save: 50%

ROCKETT LOVE - Grab The Rocket
you save: 20%

STORMBURST - Raised On Rock
you save: 20%

SWEET MARY JANE - Winter In Paradise
you save: 20%

THAT ROCK GUY - Nothin' To Lose
you save: 20%

Ea. CD                      A: 7,50€                    B: 9,50€ 

DANTE FOX - Six String Revolver
you save: 33%

EDOFF, MARTINA - We Will Align
you save: 33%

LAVA - The Rhythm Of Love (digitally remastered)
you save: 33%

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NEWMAN - Aerial
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P.A.L. - Prime
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STREAMLINE - Streamline (Digipack)
you save: 33%

you save: 33%



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