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AOR HEAVEN ::: N E W S L E T T E R ::: 16/10/2020


Howdy melodic rockers,

Sometimes  Christmas comes earlier and this time we have been lucky as the Fierce Heart CD finally comes in (and a bit sooner as expected) and on top we have already got the "Lost UK jewels" releases in stock, so happy shopping.


If only the long delayed Night CD "High Tides - Distant Skies" would show up life would be almost perfect !☺



Have a great week

Georg & Monika






IMPERIUM - Heaven Or Hell

A: 11 € B: 13 €

IMPERIUM from Finnland is the project of drummer and songwriter Mika Brushane (STRIKE). Numerous exceptional vocalists like Robbie LaBlanc (FIND ME, EAST TEMPLE AVENUE, FURY) or Robert Ernlund (TREAT) or six-stringers like Stefano Lionetti (LIONETTI) are on board and add their individual magic to the material. Nothing left stylistically from the power metal-infused debut. “Heaven Or Hell“ is nothing but pure AOR / melodic rock. Melodic anthems, emotional sections and tons of keyboards - you just can’t ask for more. Just check out the brilliant “Love Won’t Let You Go“ or the extremely catchy “Road To Paradise“.



Watch: https://youtu.be/Hv8ZeQTq2PU



A: 11 € B: 13 €

Canadian singer ROB MORATTI (ex SAGA) is pretty busy. His incredible voice shines on the new album just like it did on the last one called “Renaissance“ (2019). “Paragon“ - believe it or not - is even more melodic and nothing but a fascinating piece of melodic rock. He is once again backed by illustrious international musicians, like Joel Hoekstra,  (g, NIGHT RANGER),  Tony Franklin (b), BLUE MURDER), Torben Enevoldsen (g, SECTION A, FATE) or even Ian Crichton (g, Saga). Furthermore, a pristine but powerful production highlights melodic gems like “I’m Falling“, “Rise Above“ or “Where Do We Go From Here“. His obvious passion for JOURNEY can be found in many places here. What a great album! Wow!



Watch: https://youtu.be/VGuL9Q7wBIo


WILDNESS - Ultimate Demise

A: 11 € B: 13 €

What a great month! WILDNESS from Sweden put out a magnificent second album, the first with new voice Erik Forsberg (ex BLAZON STONE). Powerful AOR with superb songwriting and versatile arrangements. No matter if faster and slightly harder tracks like ´“Cold Words“ or “My Hideaway“, a ballad like “Falling Into Pieces“ or even the epic title song, WILDNESS definitely know how to do it. Comes with a strong production and the absolute will to make it. „Ultimate Demise“ will lift the band onto the level of contenders like H.E.A.T., ECLIPSE or CRAZY LIXX for sure.



Watch: https://youtu.be/L0645h7OZS4


SATERIA - Cold Beer...& A Hat Full Of Fun (digitally remastered)

A: 12,5 € B: 15 €

Denmark’s SATERIA, put together by vocalist Martie Peters (Push, MPG) and guitarist René Shades (now Pretty Maids bass-player) in 1987,quickly conquered the Danish Hard-Rock scene, headlining many clubs in Copenhagen. Sateria were heavily influenced by hair metal acts like  Poison, Mötley Crue and White Lion. Tentatively signing to Polygram, they cut an album that would never see the light of day, as the record-deal fell through. Unreleased to this day, “Cold Beer & A Hat Full Of Fun” is a treasure trove of Sleazy-Glam Metal that will evoke memories of that decade’s greatest acts. Part two of the "Lost Melodic Jewels" series, digitally remastered, 3 live bonus tracks, liner notes and strictly limited to 500 copies.

listen: https://youtu.be/NF5Q371atqU

VANDAMNE - The First Crimes
(digitally remastered)

A: 12,5 € B: 15 €

Born on the ashes of the UK Metal band DEALER, VANDAMNE was put together in 1987 to play a more melodic and “classy” style, in the vein of bands like Dokken, Ratt and Motley Crue.  the band played up and down the UK for 2-3 years, chasing that ever-elusive deal. Unfortunately, after some changes in the line-up, the band called it a day around 1992. Two years later the band was asked to record an album for the Japanese market and they did it. "Nightcrimes" was released in 1994, but the magic was already gone. "The First Crimes" contains their early recordings, which were much more melodic and of a much higher standard. "The Lost UK Jewels" series part 21, digitally remastered and strictly limited to 500 copies.

listen: https://youtu.be/wXZl3sS_VZ4

FIERCE HEART - War For The World
(digi pack)

A: 12,5 € B: 15 €

Iconic shredmaster Rex Carroll whets the appetite for his singular skills with the scorching opening instrumental off  "War For The World", the new album from his pre-Whitecross recording band, Fierce Heart. The remainder of the album is as solid and reliable as the rhythm section, steady 4/4 beats, great vocals, incendiary guitar. The power ballad “Lost In Love” provides a soothing midpoint for the album; while none of the second half of the album’s songs match the heat of “Built For Speed” or “Out For Blood”, they kick along with aural energy. Despite the thirty-five year gap between albums, Fierce Heart prove they are imminently dependable and on top of their game. Classy hard rock next to Buckcherry / old Gotthard.

watch: https://youtu.be/AFr0GWyyAB8

SHADOW & THRILL - Sugarbowl (digi pack)

A: 14,5 € B: 17,5 €

Shadow & The Thrill is the product of the talents of vocalist / guitarist Tony Cardenas-Montana, best known for his extensive tenure in Great White and it’s subsequent variation, Jack Russell’s Great White, and drummer / keyboardist Brentt Arcement. What we have here is a terrific collection of songs with a bluesy, rocking foundation in the style of Badlands, Night Ranger-Gary Moon era, Gary Moore, Tesla, and of course Great White. The production is fantastic, crisp, and all these songs timeless and melodic. Shadow & The Thrill are the real deal, authentic, timeless bluesy based with a melodic, slight hard rock edge from the soul. Both musicians deliver terrific performances and the production is top notch.

watch: https://youtu.be/me4W5mqjHew

SIGNAL RED - Alien Nation

A: 12,5 € B: 15 €

“Alien Nation“ from SIGNAL RED is fine melodic rock with little progressive elements. Lee Small (v, SHY, PHENOMENA, LIONHEART) and Steve Grocott (g, TEN) offer a rocking and versatile album which will certainly not only please fans of the aforementioned bands. Also features Steve Newman (b/backing v, NEWMAN). The follow-up to the good debut “Under The Radar“ (2018) takes the band to a new level, though.


listen: https://youtu.be/6bSmoWDyZ-o




JAG - Fire In The Temple
(digitally remastered)

A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

Jag was the acronym for front man John Allen Garies and over the course of their relatively short career released three well-received discs; 'The Longest Road' in 1990, 'The Only World In Town' the following year and their final effort 'Fire In The Temple' in 1992. Jag hit its stride at a time when Christian AOR was peaking with the likes of Crossection, Halo, The Brave, Rachel Rachel and Guardian; shifting major units and drawing large, well-mannered crowds. White Heart connections abound on 'Fire In The Temple' with production by Billy Smiley and featuring then current and former members adding their instrumental prowess. Digitally remastered re-issue.

listen: https://youtu.be/p4uFzsvudXc

JAG - The Longest Road
(digitally remastered)

A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

Jag started in 1987 when singer John Allen Garies released an independent cassette called "It's Your Choice" on the private label Steady Wind Records featuring 10 songs. That record got the attention of Billy Smiley, founding member of Whiteheart, which not only managed to get a deal for the band with Benson records, he also produced all their three albums. "The Longest Road" (1990)  starts off strong, with a very GIANT-like guitar intro and a serious Whiteheart-like rhythm. Again, the influence of both of these bands abound through the album and the mighty Dann Huff even guests on the track "Shake It Off". Digitally remastered re-issue.


JAG - The Only World In Town
(digitally remastered)

A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

"The Only World In Town" (1991) JAG’s second album was “arena rock” all the way. Even more importantly, the songs on this album have some significance. First, Billy Smiley, while touring Australia with WHITEHEART, heard the hit song, "Hands Up In The Air'' from the band BOOM CRASH OPERA and worked with JAG to record it as the first song on the album. The song, 'Two Worlds Collide", was going to be cut and recorded by the band GIANT. Since GIANT already had 14-15 songs for their album, John talked Billy into making it a JAG song. Dann Huff played all the guitars, and it became the 4th song on the album. Digitally remastered re-issue.

listen: https://youtu.be/Aeu2WKkcLzQ

JOHN ALLAN GARIES - It's Your Choice (digitally remastered)

A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

If you remember JAG – an AOR/Hard Rock band that put out three later style White Heart-ish albums in the 90s – then you will recognize this guy’s voice. Garies is where JAG got its name – his initials. He also mentions recording this album in 1986, but said it is best left forgotten. I’m not sure about that – it’s just that this is less heavy than anything JAG did. Its starts off almost lounge music sounding, but the guitars do kick in. It’s just really caught in the early 80s sound, even though it was recorded in the late 80s. No band members are listed, so it is either Garies doing all the instruments himself, or uncredited musicians adding other instruments. First time ever (officially) on CD, digitally remastered re-issue.

listen: https://youtu.be/qqAxNlW8BnM


A: 12,5 € B: 15 €

Hard rock in the vein of PRETTY MAIDS or even NITROGODS. Some well-known players like Christofer Dahlman (ex ALYSON AVENUE, BAI BANG) or songwriter Torbjörn Månsson along with Roger Landin (d, ex CLOUDSCAPE). „2020“ is a hard rock and metal hybrid and well-produced with lots of balls, so to speak. Rimbert Vahlström (ex-SYRON VANES) on vocals. Rough, without ballads and free of keyboards. HELLSMOKE rocks like hell!





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