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AOR HEAVEN ::: N E W S L E T T E R ::: 16/07/2021


Howdy melodic rockers,

Time to relax as the shipment containing the Jakob Samuel CD arrived on Monday and everything else which was scheduled for this week as well.


What worries me is that certain titles from Frontiers are sold out at the German distributor before the official release ! This happened this time with Big City and Rian and no one can tell us when they'll be back in. This is surely not helpful to sell proper numbers, but just to let you know that this is totally out of our hands. We're always ordering proper quantities from such titles.


On to the upcoming week - some nice goodies are on it's way like the third Kenny McGee CD, but also Tim, Dextress, Lee Aaron, Platforms and Platens should please you.



wishing you a great week

Georg & Monika






NITRATE - Renegade

A: 11 € B: 13 €

NITRATE album number three and this time it’s Alexander Strandell (ART NATION, CROWNE) singing. Like on the first two records, Nottingham/England-based mastermind Nick Hogg (b) manages to deliver a pure AOR record without doubt. This time though, the Martin brothers James and Tom (VEGA) contribute a couple of songs and play on the album, too. Just check out for example the hook-driven “You Think You’Ve Got It“, the brilliantly poppy “Big City Lights“ and the mighty title track. A fantastic album with a deliberate DEF LEPPARD at “Adrenalize“ times touch! Thanks for keeping this style alive and kickin’! Fans of the genre can be more then delighted!


watch: https://youtu.be/hg9ENTJwXPc


A: 11 € B: 13 €


“Big Guns“ is the second STEPHEN CRANE album, who was able to stir up the scene with his debut “Kicks“ in 1984. The follow-up “Big Guns“ was planned as a real band effort but once again for various (business) reasons the album was shelved. Lots of songs in the vein of SURVIVOR, THE EAGLES or even HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS. Well produced and equipped with a couple of potential hit singles (e.g. “Waiting For The Night“ or “Touch Of Magic“), this record offered everything that was needed back in the day and therefore, of course, in the given genre of (melodic) hardrock and AOR as well today. Duane Sciacqua on guitar absolutely delivers as well as Stephen Crane (v). Great record!


listen: https://youtu.be/su8yDRKCFhw



KENNY MCGEE - Heartless Daze Three-studio live (digitally remastered)

B: 12,5 € B: 15 €

After achieving his newfound fame with JULLIET, Kenny McGee would not slow down. He wanted to broaden his horizons further and found the perfect opportunity to do so shortly thereafter. A great opportunity would return Kenny home to Florida where he began his solo career with the band HEARTLESS, a band deep in the rock and roll tradition. HEARTLESS would pack clubs night in and night out and record countless never-released songs. Critics and fans argue this is Kenny’s best music he has ever recorded. First time ever on CD and even stronger as the Julliet stuff - think CINDERELLA, GREAT WHITE and cohorts. Digitally remastered by Rob Colwell.

watch: https://youtu.be/mnP5787Xpb4

DEXTRESS - After Dark Edition +1

B: 12,5 € B: 15 €

Canadian Hard Rockers Dextress were sure know how to channel their influences on this their debut release. Within the grooves you’ll hear the usual suspects from the 80’s heavy hitter gallery – Skid Row, Motley Crue, Van Halen, even Def Leppard – they’re all in there. What Dextress do so well though, is take that spirit and splash it around a bit so what you end up with isn’t just straight pastiche – its a collection of songs that show a real love and understanding of what made late eightes rock so cool. Initially self released in 2017 just as "Dextress" Eonian records has picked up now this superb album giving it the full treatment incl. a bonus track and liner notes from Steven Reid of Fireworks magazine.

listen: https://youtu.be/Rmljog2_K48

TIM - Tim

B: 12,5 € B: 15 €

TIM were an ‘almost super-group’, at least with the benefit on hindsight they sure are. Not so much at the time of writing and recording this album in 1983. Regrettably, TIM members were so busy individually with sessions, and family commitments, that the band never made any more music together. Featuring such aces like Thom Griffin (Trillion, Ambition) and guitarist Bruce Gaitsch (Richard Marx, Fergie Frederiksen) they made an unreleased masterpiece. An album so good it would have challenged the other rock albums of 1983 for their dominance. Think TOTO, TRILLION, LE ROUX and all that great bands from this era and make sure to grab a copy pronto. Limited edition of 1000 copies.

listen: https://youtu.be/-WQDjJJLRqQ

LEE AARON - Radion On! (digi pack)

B: 13,5 € B: 16 €

The former metal queen is not metal any more in a long time, at least on record, and therefore, her new studio output is mostly pop/rock and blues. “Radio On!“ was, according to the press release, written and recorded on a single weekend what some of the songs certainly reveal but the Canadian can sing and play for sure. A timeless rock album with a few single highlights like “Cmon“ or “Great Big Love“.


watch: https://youtu.be/L3BpLrDO8vM

PLATFORMS - The Future That Never Happened

B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

PLATFORMS is the baby of American Jordan Cox (v/keys) und Swede Michael Palace (keys/g, PALACE, FIND ME) who met on the internet and learned to appreciate each others love for and dedication to melodic synth wave pop/rock with a great portion of eighties sound. Initially only available digitally in 2020, here is finally a limited run of 500 CDs and a follow-up is already around the corner. Just check out the mighty and uplifting “River In The Dark“. For fans of MAGIC DANCE and HOLOFLASH.


listen: https://youtu.be/ccp5yILqRDU

PLATENS - Of Poetry And Silent Motion

B: 12,5 € B: 15 €

PLATENS from Italy surprise with progressive rock bummer called “Of Poetry And Silent Mastery“, a multi-layered, playful but luckily never too sophisticated record. Vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and mastermind Dario Grillo (v/g/b/keys) and his brother Alex (d) easily manage to bring complex compositions like “Conspiracy“ or “End Of The World“ on the spot at the end of the day. Music to listen to on headphones.


watch: https://youtu.be/wTg4Jaxe_cc

(ltd. edition box set)

B: 15,5 € B: 18,5 €

The eccentric Swede will probably always be controversial but you have to admit, he doesn’t make any compromises on his remarkable 20+ records by now. The sound is surprisingly pretty hollow, though. But „Parabellum“, of course, is about MALMSTEEN’s guitar shredding talents and general extravaganza and therefore the actual songwriting is of minor importance just like the vocals (to be found on some of the tracks) are. Nevertheless, for instance the ballad “Eternal Bliss“, is really strong.


listen: https://youtu.be/Kc7mStq_w2k




B: 12,5 € B: 15 €

Throughout the last decade the gold and platinum selling frontman and songwriter from The Poodles has made a name for himself as one of the finest singer and songwriter. "CoExist", his 2nd solo album, sees contributions from multi gold and platinum selling producer / songwriter Samuel Waermo (Bon Jovi, Clay Aiken), songwriter Kaj Pousar and the master of sound, Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Clawfinger). The result is simply breathtaking - 10 hits in a row with hooklines catchier as a sin, a monster production and a well balanced mix of power and melodies. The Poodles meets Sunrise Avenue / Smash Into Pieces in a dark alley - that might be the best way to describe it. AOR Heaven exclusive release, limited edition of 500 copies.  

listen: https://youtu.be/sOxzI_rrDOA

RIAN - Twenty-Three

B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

RIAN combine typical American melodic rock with Swedish melodies on their second effort. Richard Andermyr (v/g) knows his stuff and lets the magic of the compositions shine. Lots of midtempo songs with majestic keyboards, hooks like anthems as well as  sugar-sweet guitars and ballads make AOR freaks pay attention easily. Fans of CREYE, HOUSTON, BAD HABIT or (older) H.E.A.T. as well as HOUSE OF LORDS or (to a certain degree only) ALTER BRIDGE will love “Twenty-Three“.


watch: https://youtu.be/mufBz3IW-rs

JIMMY BARNES - Flesh & Blood (digi pack)

B: 15,5 € B: 18,5 €

"Flesh And Blood" is the twentieth studio album by Jimmy Barnes. He has enjoyed twelve solo chart toppers plus five with Cold Chisel taking his career tally to a record setting total of seventeen #1 albums. The ten songs on "Flesh And Blood" feature multiple contributions from Jimmy’s extended family. His son Jackie plays drums, his daughters Mahalia, Eliza-Jane and Elly-May all contribute vocals, as does Jackie and granddaughter, Tyra Harrison.  His son-in-law, Ben Rodgers, engineered the album, played bass and collaborated with Jimmy’s nephew, renowned photographer Jesse Lizotte, on the album cover, plus he and Jane also duet together on the American classic "Love Hurts". Timeless rock music from a real legend !

watch: https://youtu.be/ywlzFTYyQMg


B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

The fifth album of the international band HEAVEN & EARTH (England, Italy, Hungary and USA), which was founded in 2000 by Stuart Smith, pleases all fans of RAINBOW, WHITESNAKE or BAD COMPANY. They absolutely do! A huge and warm production and one or the other little surprise songwriting-wise make “V“ shine and it offers plenty of sound walls reminiscent of the likes of BOSTON, THUNDER or even SAGA at times, too.


watch: https://youtu.be/KRe4vQayy3o

LIFE BY NIGHT - Life By Night +2 (digitally remastered)

B: 12,5 € B: 15 €

Limited to 1000 (numbered) copies, this re-release is available for the first time on CD! Originally intended to be published in 1985, LIFE BY NIGHT makes a point in mixing melodic rock and pop for the most part. The Los Angeles-based outfit basically had it all but the label stopped the release last minute. Produced by Richie Zito (e.g.HEART, CHER, POISON). Just check out “Angel“, “Phone To Phone“ or “For No Reason“. A real gem. Includes two bonus cuts.


watch: https://youtu.be/PuEaXySqCes

BIG CITY - Testify X

B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

Melodic (metal) sounds from Norway. Announced by the label as a mixture of e.g. QUEENSRYCHE, EUROPE, FIREWIND or FAIR WARNING. What sounds strange at first glimpse makes actually sense at the end of the day. Cool arrangements, amazing hooklines and a singer by the name of Jørgen Bergersen who will give you goosebumps more than once. Those are great arguments for “Testify X“. By the way, does anybody remember SIAM with Tony Mills (v)? Sounded similar at times.


watch: https://youtu.be/AL6-PtHqE_0

INNER STREAM - Stain The Sea

B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

INNER STREAM from Argentina are one of those recent and rather unusual Frontiers signings which might make people wonder in the first place. But there’s a mixture of symphonic metal, electronic sounds and gothic elements that works pretty well, though. It’s because of the above average song material but also because of the exceptional voice of Ines Vera-Ortiz. If you are into songs like “Fair War“ or “Dance With Shades“, you will find a versatile and exciting record. Just check them out!


watch: https://youtu.be/ILEreVpaMtI


B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

“Skygazer“ is the sophomore album of the three-piece Craig Goldy (g/b/keys, DIO, GIUFFRIA), Chas West (v, WEST BOUND) and Vinny Appice (d, DIO, BLACK SABBATH). Classic, heavily seventies-infused hard rock is on the menu here. No fuss, no compromises. If you are into the bands mentioned, you can’t go wrong here. Powerfully produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio. These forty-six minutes feel like a time travel that heals the soul of every hard rock lover, although there is one or the other stellar track missing.


watch: https://youtu.be/DgB3m-IgaTg

JAGGED EDGE - Fuel For Your Soul & Trouble
(2 CDs, digitally remastered)

B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

JAGGED EDGE first came together in 1987 masterminded by guiatrist Mike Gray after his split from Dorian Gray. After a few different line-up and demos, Myke Gray retained the Jagged Edge name and linked up with Sanctuary management. Gray recruited Italian drummer Fabio del Rio (Bruce Dickinson) and ex-Tokyo Blade bassist Andy Robbins plus Swedish singer Matti Alfonzetti (Bam Bam Boys, Skintrade). They first released a five track EP "Trouble" in 1990 followed by their debut "Fuel For Your Soul" in the same year. The debut album (produced by Jeff Glixman of Kansas fame) is a clear winner for fans of Whitesnake and early Thunder. Digitally remastered re-issue from Bad Reputation records.

listen: https://youtu.be/A0PdoQLwQfE



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