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AOR HEAVEN ::: N E W S L E T T E R ::: 19/11/2021


Howdy melodic rockers,
The Petra / Leviticus re-issues are rolling in step by step as we should get the first shipment containing Petra “On Fire!” and Leviticus “Knights Of Heaven” today and the remaining Petra titles hopefully until early/mid of next week.
Still no news on the delivery of the Wicked Smile CD which has been dispatched to UPS exactly 4 weeks ago. I have been in touch with the Useless Parcel Service this week, but nothing has changed as no one was willing to help. Under this circumstances it’s impossible to quote if or when it will show up.

wishing you a great week
Georg & Monika





EDGE OF THE BLADE - Distant Shores

A: 11 € B: 13 €


EDGE OF THE BLADE around frontmann John Francis (AFTER HOURS) totally delivers here. “Distant Shores“ is British melodic rock with a certain amount of hard rock of the finest sort (“Feel The Fire“ or “Wait Forever") which means great songwriting and a powerful production which lets the songs breathe and which is almost reminiscent of a decent classic live sound. But also classic AOR in the vein of the masters of JOURNEY or STARSHIP can be found on this third record of the band (“Love Me Again“). Alan Kelly (ex SHY) on drums. “Distant Shores“ is pretty suitable also for fans of HEAVY PETTIN’, THUNDER or TRISHULA.




TONY MITCHELL - Hot Endless Summer Nights

A: 11 € B: 13 €


TONY MITCHELL is probably known best through his role as frontman of the 90s classic rock outfit KISS OF THE GYPSY but nowadays he regularly puts out very interesting solo albums, too. The follow-up to the early 2020 and highly praised album “Church Of A Restless Soul“ can even add surprising elements. On songs like “Caught In The Headlights“ or “Neon Sky“ as well as on the title track the British singer offers a certain classic eighties flavor foremost. The songs also showcase an American approach in the sound, too. Absolute highlight is the amazingly powerful and simply authentic “Blame It On The Rock N Roll“. Well done, Mr. Mitchell!






VICTORY - Gods Of Tomorrow (digi pack)

B: 14,5 € B: 17,5 €

North German hard rockers VICTORY are back for good and once again with a refurbished line-up. Frontman Gianni Pontillo delivers the passionate vocals whereas Herman Frank (g, ex ACCEPT) plays guitar like hell. The thirteen songs on “Gods Of Tomorrow“ do not leave a shadow of a doubt that VICTORY are still one of the leading German bands around. Ten years after their latest studio album the band sounds fresher than ever. Melody meets cool heavy rock.



SAINTED SINNERS - Taste It (digi pack)

B: 14,5 € B: 17,5 €

SAINTED SINNERS around guitarist Frank Pané (BONFIRE) with their fourth album and quite a new line-up play pure hard rock with classic rock elements, though. Probably their best effort so far which is not only due to amazing vocalist Jack Meille. A pristine but powerful production and excellent guitars are noticeable foremost. Let alone the first track “Against All Odds“ shine.



PETRA - Washes Whiter Than
(digitally remastered)

B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

"Washes Whiter Than" is the third album from Christian rock band Petra. It was released in 1979 by Star Song Records. It is the first album to feature Greg X. Volz as the official lead singer of the band, although musician Rob Frazier is the lead vocalist in three songs. "Washes Whiter Than" marked a further departure from the band's former country/southern style. Instead, the album carries a more mellow tone that leans more on ballads and soft rock. This was an attempt from the band to distance themselves from the controversy caused by the harder style of their previous albums. The album produced the band's first radio hit in "Why Should the Father Bother?" while also giving more musical credibility to the band with its toned-down style.


PETRA - Never Say Die (digitally remastered)

B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

After the commercial failure of "Washes Whiter Than" and the departure of Rob Frazier, Bob Hartman considered breaking up the band. However, he met bassist Mark Kelly and keyboardist John Slick and invited them to join the band. "Never Say Die" (1981) represented another departure in style for Petra. The sound in this album is considerably heavier than "Washes Whiter Than", and more rock-oriented than "Come And Join Us". Their sound has been compared to bands like Styx, Kansas, or Foreigner. After a successful tour in 1981, opening for the band Servant, "Never Say Die" became a commercial hit. It was the first Petra album to crack the Billboard Top 40 Inspirational LP's chart. Digitally remastered re-issue.


PETRA - Not Of This World
(digitally remastered)

B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

While Petra was touring in support of "More Power To Ya", they took a break of six weeks during the summer of 1983 to record "Not Of This World". Released in 1983, it is very similar to its predecessor "More Power To Ya", and bandleader Bob Hartman has stated that he considers it to be the musical equivalent of a sequel. "Grave Robber" is a great song with an infectious melody, and the title track is a somber, almost haunting tune. "Godpleaser" and "Bema Seat" come as close to "More Power To Ya" as anything else in terms of energy. "Not Of This World" was also the first Petra album to be nominated for a Grammy award. Digitally remastered re-issue.


PETRA - Back To The Street
(digitally remastered)

B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

This is the first release after the departure of long time lead vocalist Greg X Volz and many fans wondered what would become of their beloved corporate rock heroes. “Back To The Street” (1986) answered the question with a vengeance and remains one of the two best John Schlitt lead projects. After a brief and successful foray into technology driven rock with “Beat the System,” Petra returned to their more Foreigner tinged leanings. The Elefante brothers (John and Dino) debuted at the production helm and the vocal and guitar qualities of earlier releases returned. BTTS contains some Bob Hartman’s finest songwriting. Digitally remastered re-issue.


WICKED SMILE - Wait For The Night

B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

Melbourne five-piece classic hard rock outfit WICKED SMILE may not be a familiar band yet, but if the metal Gods are taking notice, their debut album ”Wait For The Night” will change that. Produced & mastered by Danger Danger / The Defiants dio of Paul Laine and Bruno Ravel, the band delivers here a melodic, catchy, but at the same time a flat out, ball tearing, gut punching hard rock album that guarantees to keep you ‘smiling’ long after the CD finishes. If you are a fan of classic, straight up heavy rock that is meant to be played loud, then this band is definitely for you! ‘As the press release states: “If you’re a fan of bands like ’80s Priest, Maiden, Dio, Icon and Skid Row or just good old Eighties heavy rock you should love this.




NESTOR - Kids In A Ghost Town (digi pack)

B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

NESTOR from Sweden easily put the album of the years with just their debut. Eighties sound without any compromises including a guest appearance by Samantha Fox (v)! Tracks like “On The Run“, “Tomorrow“ or “1989“ would have been huge hits back in the day for sure. Without question, record of the year - no matter what might come up later this year. An album like a travel in time. And the production is huge… I mean really huge!



NIGHTFOX - White Cobra

B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

Nightfox is a fictional band-project from Trondheim, Norway, created by multi-instrumentalist / songwriter Erik Winther; he performs everything here and let me tell you that ”White Cobra” has a very good sound quality, and even better, there’s great songs sporting that classic melodic hard rock / AOR style. Originally established as a synthwave-project in 2012, Nightfox decided to take a turn towards hard rock around 2017. The sound is mainly inspired by the great hard rock bands from the 1980’s where the focus is kept on roaring riffs, blazing guitar solos, synth splashes and melodious vocals. ”White Cobra” is a very enjoyable trip back to the ’80s and you can hear Winther’s love for the genre paying attention to details.


CARL SENTANCE - Electric Eye (digi pack)

B: 14,5 € B: 17,5 €

First ever solo album of former KROKUS and PERSIAN RISK and current NAZARETH vocalist. It is a really exciting and uplifting bunch of songs. His characteristic voice is showcased pretty well on the songs featured on this album and the production meets all requirements of the genre. The happy sounding “California Queen“ would have been a charts candidate in a better world for sure. To sum it up: Classic rock with contemporary attitude.



ETERNAL FLAME - Gravitation (digi pack)

B: 14,5 € B: 17,5 €

Michael Schinkel’s ETERNAL FLAME put out their fourth effort sine 1998. After a long hiatus and the cool comeback “Smoke On The Mountain“ (1998) “Gravitation“ is able to top all previous efforts. Guest appearances by Mark Boals (v, ex YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) and Göran Edman (v, BRAZEN ABBOT, KARMAKANIC). Fine production and all but boring venturing on different shores (within the given genre). “Stay In The Middle Of The Night“ is a fantastic appetizer for this album.



PETRA - On Fire! (digitally remastered)

B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

The first Petra recording to include John Schlitt on lead vocals was the gritty melodic rock of the 1986 offering "Back To The Street" (1986).  The slightly more polished "This Means War" came out a year later and in 1988 the hard rocking "On Fire!", a guitar driven effort showcasing some of the rockiest moments of Petra’s four decade career.  “All Fired Up”, “Hit You Where You Live”, “Mine Field” and “Defector”,  for instance, all head in hard rock territory while “Counsel Of The Holy” and “Stand In The Gap” feature an ample amount of guitar as well. Production values give rise to the trademark refinement characteristic to the production team of John and Dino Elefante. Without a doubt one of the finest Petra albums ever !


LEVITICUS - Knights Of Heaven
(digitally remastered)

B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

Levitcus was the brainchild of Swedish born guitarist Bjorn Stigsson. They were one of the earliest Christian metal bands and released a total of four albums. "Knights Of Heaven" (1989) was Leviticus fourth and last album and its full of melodic well played hard rock anthems. This is without a doubt their most solid album. Everything was improved about the band, from the production, to the vocals, to the song writing. Much of this is compliments of the Elefante brothers (Guardian, Petra), who have a knack for writing and producing catchy arena rock. With a sound next to 80s Petra, The Brave and Guardian and feat. Peo Pettersson on vocals there's just one advice - don't miss this classic album. Digitally remastered re-issue.



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