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AOR HEAVEN ::: N E W S L E T T E R :: 17/06/2022


Howdy melodic rockers,

The positive surprise of this week was the quick delivery of the shipment from down under containing the Clif Magness / James House boxes which we received within three working days.

The bad news are that there are still no news regarding the missing shipment containing the Keldian and AOR CDs.

The new Dan Reed Network is now in stock and the new Devil's Train should hopefully get delivered today.

The next shipment from Eonian containing their next releases from Jones Street and Charlotte is expected early next week - really hope that this time it will get delivered without any problems!



I’m looking for Japanese CDs in mini LP format (cardboard sleeve)  for my own collection – all pop and rock stuff. If you have anything of interest – feel free to drop me a line. I’m willing to pay or trade (from my own collection) !


Wishing you a great week

Georg & Monika



DAN REED NETWORK - Let's Hear It For The King (digi pack)

B: 14,5 € B: 17,5 €

DAN REED NETWORK is one of the very few bands out there with a really distinctive sound. After a long break they are pretty active again for a few years now. The band lead by Dan Reed (v) remembers their strength and beloved features and offers in for instance “Pretty Karma“ or “Starlight“ tracks which could easily have been part of their first three records. Melody meets a massive amount of groove and versatile arrangements. Fantastic record.



DEVIL'S TRAIN - Ashes & Bones (digi pack)

B: 14,5 € B: 17,5 €

This is the German answer to BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, BLACk STONE CHERRY or DEAD DAISIES. The band around frontman RD Liapakis (MYSTIC PROPHECY, STEEL PROPHET) rocks through the twelve songs without any compromise and comes with a heavy production. On drums Jörg Michael (ex RUNNING WILD, ex STRATOVARIUS). What a mighty record. DEVIL’S TRAIN finally made an impact.



CHARLOTTE - Charlotte (digitally remastered)

B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

CHARLOTTE's story originally began in upstate New York in 1984 and although a deal never materialized, many industry giants such as Geffen, ATCO, Arista Records, Giant, and Mercury all showed great interest. Splitting up in 1996, CHARLOTTE would, after teaming up with Eonian Records, release the album „Medusa Groove“ in 2010 on the US specialist label. Their sound sound ranges from Dokken to Great White to Kingdom Come to Kik Tracee and the album became a strong seller for Eonian. Fast forward to 2022 Eonian Records has picked up 17 songs in total from the entire recordings and has remastered them. THis is the real deal for lovers of the classic US hard rock and hair metal sound of the 80s.


JONES STREET - Out Of The Gutter (digitally remastered)

B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

Can you say sleaze please? And while you’re at it, say thank you to Jones Street because that is exactly what they have delivered. This is some of the best sleazy rock music you‘ve heard in awhile, it’s just dripping with, well, sleaze! These songs were recorded from 1991 to 1995 and got released independently in 2008 by lead singer Shawn Crosby under the title of „Dancin‘ In The Street“. The album quickly sold out and has become a rare find at a high price. This digitally remastered Eonian records re-release is a MUST have for any and all fans of Skid Row, Guns N' Roses, Wildside and every sleazy rock lover – don’t miss it !


CLIF MAGNESS - Road To Gold (4 CD box. digitally remastered)

B: 52,5 € B: 65 €

A:52,5€        B:65€

Most fans of melodic rock will know the name Clif Magness. The American singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer is a stalwart of the wider music business for over 40 years. In rock and pop circles he has two acclaimed solo albums plus a member of Planet 3. But he's best know as a songwriter for the likes of Steve Perry, Avril Lavigne, Starship, John Farnham, Cheap Trick, Eric Martin, Kelly Clarkson and tons more plus endless nominations fror Grammy, Golden Globe and Academy Award. Now he opens the vaults offering 60 original songs from a period of over 40 years incl. liner notes with detailed infos to every songs. This exclusive 4 CD box set is strictly limited to 1000 units and should become a real collectors item !


JAMES HOUSE - The L.A. Tapes (2 CDs, digitally remastered)

B: 15,5 € B: 18,5 €

James House is best known as a country star for his three hit Nashville records, recorded for MCA and Epic Records in the years spanning 1989-1994. But before that, James House was a rocker, making his solo debut on Atlantic Records in 1983 with an acclaimed self-titled record that featured James co-writing the album’s 9 songs, plus a young Alan Pasqua on 2 co-writes. The album feat. a superstar line-up incl. Jimmy Haslip,  Mike Baird  (Journey, Rick Springfield, Van Stephenson), Alan Pasqua (Giant), Rick Derringer and more. And James House wrote more rock tracks for a few sound tracks over the next couple of years (which are enclosed as a bonus on disc 2). First time ever on CD - don't miss this classy stuff !




DRIVE AT NIGHT - Echoes Of An Era

B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

Finest melodic rock and AOR from Sweden. Joachim Nordlund (g/v,SUNSTRIKE,  ASTRAL DOORS) and Johan Lindstedt (dr, SUNSTRIKE) bring good vibes. The album title says it all and the given era are the eighties. Good times music, powerfully produced. Songs like "Weekend Fun“, “The 80s Calling“ oder “Wild In The Streets“ will make every lover of melodic rock smile. Additionally, the ballad „Endless Kind Of Love“ would have been a massive hit back in the day for sure.



HIT THE GROUND RUNNIN’ - Lost In Translation

B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

HIT THE GROUND RUNNIN’ contains songs from the last thirty years, some of them even from the band prior to HTGR, FREE DELIVERY. Their “official“ debut by the name of “Sudden Impact“ was re-released recently and now “Lost In Translation“ picks up from there. It’s obvious that not all songs are from the same session but their classic melodic and hard rock is recognizable. Tracks like “Bad Reputation“ or “Rockin’ Again“ are timeless and bring back the good ol’ times. Perfect fodder for the lovers of the classic 80s AOR sound.




B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

Second album by this remarkable project lead by Markus Pfeffer (g, WINTERLAND, BARNABAY SKY). “Lifeline“, once again provides good and balanced songwriting, huge choirs and melodies with songs sung by Carsten „Lizard“ Schulz (DEVOID, ex-DOMAIN, ex-EVIDENCE ONE). They will make a huge step forward with this album. Comes with an ANIMOTION cover and artwork by Stan W. Decker (e.g. MASTERPLAN).



OUSEY/MANN - Is Anybody Listening

B: 13 € B: 15,5 €

OUSEY / MANN is a new classic rock project. Vocalist Chris Ousey (HEARTLAND) and guitar player Steve Mann (LIONHEART, MICHAEL SCHENKER) put out their debut by the name of “Is Anybody Listening“. The combination of the great voice of Ousey and the exciting and rocking guitars by Mann fully works. Right away, the opener “The Flag“ fully convinces. There are no fillers whatsoever and the production is flawless.



JORN - Over The Horizon Radar

B: 14,5 € B: 17,5 €

The extremely busy Norwegian (ex ARK, ex MASTERPLAN, AVANTASIA) with the golden voice with his best effort in a long time. Amazing songwriting, versatile arrangements and a powerful and thundering production let “Over The Horizon Radar“ shine. Just check out “Dead London“ and “Black Phoenix“. At the end there is “Faith Bloody Faith“ with which JORN almost ended up participating at the ESC last year. Champion of the month here!



ICONIC - Second Skin

B: 14,5 € B: 17,5 €

Another so-called supergroup? Nathan James (v, INGLORIOUS), Michael Sweet (g, STRYPER), Joel Hoekstra (g, WHITESNAKE), Marco Mendoza (b, ex WHITESNAKE, DEAD DAISIES) Tommy Aldridge (d, WHITESNAKE) as well as Alessandro Del Vecchio (keys, HARDLINE) are ICONIC. Looking at who is involved, the sound is pretty clear, isn’t it? Classic hard rock with lots of guitars and great vocals. Quality all over the place here. Just check out “Nowhere To Run“.



VYPERIA - Eat Your Heart Out

B: 14,5 € B: 17,5 €

Yet another young Swedish outfit with a great feeling for hooklines. VYPERA classify themselves as a mixture of W.A.S.P., TRIUMPH and RAINBOW which is not that much wrong actually. Towards the end, the songwriting levels decreases a little bit but “Eat Your Heart Out“ definitely has got its strong moments. Timeless rock and metal sounds that will likely make every fan of rock music smile. A name to remember for sure.




B: 14,5 € B: 17,5 €

The band around Caterina Nix (v) and their hybrid of symphonic metal and a rather modern production get better with every album. Interesting stuff for lovers of bands in the vein of AFTER FOREVER, WITHIN TEMPTATION and NIGHTWISH, of course. Let alone “Garden Of Winter“ with a guest appearance by Elena Siirala (LEAVES’ EYES) shine. In terms of production this is the best effort so far, too. No chaos here but fine work.





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