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MESSANO - Messano +5 (digitally remastered)

I guess there would be a bit of interest in the album by AOR and melodic rock types, due to the inclusion of material co-penned by the likes of the late Norman Mershon from Tycoon, the guys from Starz, and of course Fran...
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ALCHEMY - Dyadic

However, with one listen, you can tell they worked hard to make songs with a large musical presence notably with stronger guitar lines, a tighter rhythm section, more vibrant keyboards, and bigger vocal arrangements. Alc...
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Great stuff for fans of HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, ZAN CLAN or MÖTLEY CRÜE, of course. Powerful production and no filers at all! That’s the way it should be! Another track to check out is the wonderful groover “Living On ...
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FELDER, DON - American Rock'N’Roll (digi pack)

Legendary former lead guitarist and songwriter of the Eagles, DON FELDER is releasing his third solo effort and arguably the strongest of the three. The album features some of the biggest names in music including Sammy H...
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MASS - Still Chained

Southern German rockers MASS - not to be confused with the American band by the same name! - put out eight hard rock albums with a great portion of heavy metal between 1977 and 1986. The best songs plus two brand new tra...
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LONERIDER - Attitude

Steve Overland (v, FM), Chris Ousey (g/keys, HEARTLAND), Chris Childs (b, THUNDER, TYKETTO), Simon Kirke (d, BAD COMPANY) and Brain J Anthony (g) are probably what we can call a supergroup. Definitely closer to classic B...
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