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AOR HEAVEN ::: N E W S L E T T E R ::: 24/05/2019


Howdy melodic rockers,

Re-issues time due next week with the mega classic AVIATOR one off shot and the superb Baton Rouge debut, both coming from Rock. Speaking about Rock Candy - they do have more titles on offer like 3 Goddo re-issues and Overkill as well.

We don't stock all RC releases, cause my experience tells me that it's not cost effective to take every releases even we just sell 5 copies. Our goal has always been to stock the important titles in big quantities to make sure that we can ship at the same day which we receive your order - hope you understand.

Fingers crossed that we'll receive the new Jimmy Barnes CD until Friday next week - it all depends on UPS and how quick they'll deliver the goods !

Tickets for H.e.a.t. festival 2019 (due November the 30th/December the 1st) are available from our website. Artist confirmed so far incl. STAGE DOLLS, CATS IN SPACE, ROBERT TEPPER, STAN BUSH, TREAT, CRASHDIET, MAVERICK, AGE OF REFLECTION, BLOOD RED SAINTS, VEGA, BLACK DIAMONDS, DEGREED, DEVICIOUS and there is much more to come .


Listen to our upcoming June 2019 releases from NITRATE and ROB MORATTI at!


wishing you a great week

Georg & Monika




X-Romance - Voices From The Past

A: 11 € B: 13 €

Lonely (Edit)

Over And Over (Edit)

Total Madness (Edit)

Swedish outfit X-ROMANCE goes back to ROMANCE who were active in the late eighties but unfortunately managed to realize one album only, long gone by now, of course,. Anders “LA“ Rönnblom (g) and  Thomas Widmark (keys) wanted to go for it once again and here it is, “Voices From The Past“. On vocals they now have the mighty Andreas Novak (HOUSE OF SHAKIRA) The pristine production fits the material basically like a glove. Mostly mid tempo can be found throughout the record but a rough rocker by the name of “Pushing On“ sounds amazing, too. Great stuff for everybody who is into melodies. Check out “You & I“, “Temporary Love“ or “Somebody Out There“.






KARO - Heavy Birthday II & III (2 CDs)

A: 14,5 € B: 17,5 €

KARO and their only album “Heavy Birthday“ (1988) is a true classic of German hard rock. Now there is a double cd with previously unreleased songs recorded from 1987-1989. It’s the ultimate legacy of this short-lived band. On vocals you get Dan Lucas, here still as Lutz Salzwedel. For the most part it’s well-produced, powerful and highly melodic stuff for all fans of BONFIRE or SCORPIONS for instance.



AVIATOR - Aviator +2 (digitally remastered)

A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

An album held in high esteem by the melodic rock community for years, and cherished in the rock press during those heydays of the 1980's. Aviator came together with Cerniglia and Ricciardella coming from the New York band Wiggy Bits (also featuring Balance's Peppy Castro), before moving on to form Network. Pretty much resembling Icon (circa 'Night Of The Crime') though far more melodic and far more commercial is how best to describe their one and only album. You'd be hard pressed to find any better moments in melodic rock than 'Frontline' and 'Comeback'. Most of the other songs are high class rockers that move with an authority that only musicians like these can play. Rock Candy re-issue, digitally remastered.


BATON ROUGE - Shake Your Soul (digitally remastered)

A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

When BATON ROUGE released their debut, “Shake Your Soul”, in 1990 the best times for Hard Rock in the USA were already over. Never-theless the band was backed up by Atlantic Records and producer/co-songwriter Jack Ponti (a. o. BON JOVI, Alice Cooper). Commercially the album was not overly successful, but that doesn't say anything about its qualities. “Shake Your Soul” features 12 songs, ranging from highly melodic and powerful rockers (for example “Walks Like A Woman”, “Big Trouble”, “Bad Time Comin' Down”) to sensitive ballads (“It's About Time”; “There Was A Time”). If you like perfectly performed and produced US-Hard Rock, then “Shake Your Soul” is a must-have for you! Rock Candy re-issue.


JIMMY BARNES - My Criminal Record

A: 15,5 € B: 18,5 €

My Criminal Record’ is the first new original Jimmy Barnes recording to be released in almost a decade. Co-written with legendary Cold Chisel keyboardist Don Walker and produced by Kevin Shirley (Aerosmith, Journey), the roots of "My Criminal Record "can be traced back to the traumatic youth documented in Jimmy’s bestselling, award winning memoirs. Jimmy is back, older, smarter, healthier, and for "My Criminal Record" he has distilled and expanded upon those memoirs in 13 pieces of burning, heartland rock & roll. It will resonate with anyone who has ever found themselves standing on the outside, looking in. The sound of "My Criminal Record", both the song and the album, is immediate: live, loud and in your face.




HELIX - Old School

A: 12,5 € B: 15 €

Canadian outfit HELIX dug deep in their archives and found pretty interesting stuff. Ten songs written between 1981 and 1989 and partly recently re-recorded can be found on “Old School“. The first cut “Coming Back With Bigger Guns“ could not have been more fitting and “If Tears Could Talk“ should have been a major hit back in the day. Mastered by Harry Hess (HAREM SCAREM). Finest hard rock with southern rock influences all over the place.


MORANO - Incognito

A: 12,5 € B: 15 €

The sounds of ‘80s hard- and melodic rock are on full display throughout the debut full-length by guitarist Duane Morano. Entitled ‘Incognito,’ the 13-track album features appearnces by the likes of Michael Foster (Firehouse), Pat Badger (Extreme), Danny Vaughn (Tyketto), Terry Ilous (XYZ), Bryan Cole, Keith Horne, Dan Michaels, Chris Lester, JK Northrup. Lead vovals get shared between Danny Vaughn (4 tracks), Terry Ilous (3 tracks) and Bryan Cole on 3 tracks as well. Feel-good melodic rock is how Morano describe describe this CD, trying to capture everything he loved about the music of his youth: '80 arena rock. Loud guitars, soaring vocals, and an excellent production (mixed by Bill Leverty of Firehouse).


PRETTY WILD - Interstate 13

A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

Swedish hard rock act Pretty Wild started their journey back in 2007. The road has been long since then and Pretty Wild have conquered their way through Europe and across the sea to The States. Twelve years later and they are releasing their third album, "Interstate 13". Pretty Wild have put all their energy, blood and sweat into this album, by spending two years working on it. What defines Pretty Wild is their heavy melodic sound and well-crafted songs. All with a great vibe that just makes you feel good. This combined with their energy and "IN YOUR FACE" attitude plus their clever catchy hooklines makes "Interstate 13" another winner for sleazy hard rock fans into MÖTLEY CRUE, CRAZY LIXX & cohorts.


ALLIANCE - Fire And Grace

A: 12,5 € B: 15 €

Finally new material of the American „supergroup“, which actually really deserves this very classification. “Fire And Grace“ showcases the talents of Robert Berry (v/b/keys, GTR), Gary Pihl (g, BOSTON, SAMMY HAGAR) and David Lauser (d, SAMMY HAGAR). You get typical American pompous hard rock in the vein of BOSTON or NIGHT RANGER. Let alone the song “Raise Your Glass“ shine.






FIRMO - Rehab

A: 6 € B: 7,5 €

Italian singer and songwriter Gianluca Firmo was the driving force behind the project ROOM EXPERIENCE (2015), which featured Pink Cream 69 singer David Readman on vocals. Firmo wrote the entire album, which was well received from the press and the fans. Three years later Gianluca Firmo is ready to deliver his first solo album by using his own name and handling for the very first time all lead vocals on his own. With the help of his fellow countrymen Davide Barbieri, Mario Percudani and the mighty Paul Laine (DANGER DANGER) on backing vocals you can be sure to get a great slice of classic melodic rock stuff. The vocals of Gianluca Firmo are solid, but he's a better songwriter as a singer !


PLEASURE MAKER - Dancin' With Danger +1

A: 7,5 € B: 9,5 €

PLEASURE MAKER is a Brazilian hair metal outfit which has released their debut "Love On The Rocks" in 2004 and the follow up "Twisted Desire" in 2008. After a seven-year break, the band reunited in 2017 to record this third album, “Dancing With Danger”. That means that you get another dose of 80s inspired melodic rock with the occasional touches of glam. Main musical references are Dokken and Ratt as the guitar playing of guiatrist Alex  Meister combines elements of both Warren DiMartini and George Lynch. Listeners who are not yet familiar with the band might have a difficult time with singer Claudio's high pitched, banshee like voice but personally it didn't stop me from having a good time with this disc.




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