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AOR HEAVEN ::: N E W S L E T T E R ::: 15/03/2019


Howdy melodic rockers,

I really hope you have saved some money, cause by checking the list of newies below you should be extremely satisfied, but it might cost you quite a lot of money to get all the important new titles.

Let's start with the good news as it really looks like that we should get the DE-ARROW re-issue due the next 2-3 days - and this time I have received a link from the courier company, so let's hope that they don't have sent me an empty parcel !

On the bad side (for me!) I have to report that our first pressing of the TRISHULA CD "Scared To Breathe" contains the bonus track "Suicide Satellite" by mistake and without mentioning at the booklet, so you'll get the track which was scheduled as the Japanese bonus track for free !

Anyway, plenty of great new releases in stock or due within the next days - just check the list below - happy shopping !

Tickets for H.e.a.t. festival 2019 (due November the 30th/December the 1st) are already available from our website. Artist confirmed so far incl. STAGE DOLLS, CATS IN SPACE, ROBERT TEPPER, STAN BUSH, TREAT, CRASHDIET, MAVERICK, AGE OF REFLECTION, BLOOD RED SAINTS, VEGA, BLACK DIAMONDS, DEGREED, DEVICIOUS and there is much more to come .

Listen to our upcoming April 2019 release from MIKE MACHINE at www.metalheaven.net!


wishing you a great week

Georg & Monika




PETER H. NILSSON - Little American Dream

A: 11 € B: 13 €

Little American Dream (Edit)

Me And You (Edit)

You Better Run (Edit)

The Swedish guitar player PETER H. NILSSON is basically unknown outside his home country but has got a great talent for melodies and arrangements. “Little American Dream“ is the result of an Swedish-American collaboration that lead to a very mature rock record bare of (almost) all musical and lyrical cliches. This record on which at times guitar and keyboard change their leading role, doesn’t fit any category and that isn’t its aim at all. Some tracks, though, are rather Westcoast (e.g. “Timeless“). The vocals by Chris Biano from Nashville, USA are remarkably well done and he might be one of the discoveries this year. Furthermore, the production of “Little American Dream“ is absolutely stunning! Only point of criticism here is the fact that this fantastic piece of music is too short.



TRISHULA - Scared To Breathe

A: 11 € B: 13 €

I Can See It In Your Eyes (Edit)

I Never Cried (Edit)

Scared To Breathe (Edit)

TRISHULA is the brainchild of British guitar player Neil Fraser (ex TEN, RAGE OF ANGELS) and certainly not - like the first impression of the artwork or the name that is derived from Hinduism and depicts a three-pronged spear might suggest - a record that is dark and depressing but rather an amazing piece of hard rock with meaningful lyrics and lots of positive vibes. It comes without fillers of any sort. For example tracks like “A Thousand Pieces“, “Secrets And Lies“ or especially “Homeland“ as well as the emotional ballad “I Never Cried“ are true gems offering exciting details even after various spins. A really good choice for all lovers of British melodic rock of the likes of TEN, HEARTLAND, NEWMAN or FM. To cut it short: TRISHULA, a name to be remembered!


watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imjierhjfEo



DAVE BICKLER - Darklight (digi pack)

A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

Yes, believe it or not, while Dave Bickler has been active in the music business all these years, this is his solo debut CD. Dave Bickler become the group's lead singer for six years, recording their first 3 albums and of course, he's the vocalist on the iconic song "Eye of the Tiger". Almost ten years have passed since Bickler reported that he was working on a solo album, the first of his career. Well worth the wait; "Darklight" is here and it's a very good album. Sure, there's some subtle references to Survivor's music on Dave Bickler's debut solo album "Darklight", however the vocalist go for his own identity here. It's all classic US melodic rock, timeless melodies shaped with an updated sound yet firmly planted in the golden era of the genre.

listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02Xss0r2e0Q

DE-ARROW - De-Arrow (digitally remastered)

A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

First time available on CD, this release comprises all the 1983 to 1989 recordings (remastered) by Australian AOR pioneers DE-ARROW, a band with ties to legendary AORsters ROXUS. Almost thirty years after disbanded, DE-ARROW got released a collection of all their awesome recordings that were cut between 1983 to 1989. "De-Arrow" is pure keyboard-driven 80s AOR plenty of catchy melodies and choruses to die for. Four of the fourteen tracks here has been recorded by other bands, such as the excellent ROXUS on their debut album 'Night Street', and Melbourne-based AORsters WHITE WIDOW recorded the other two tracks. Utterly essential for every serious AOR lover, limited edition of 500 copies.

listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plcWxJRAZQk


A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

Finest AOR from Sweden is delivered by ROULETTE who were around in the late eighties already and had a couple of singles out back then and also recently but believe it or not, this is their debut. And it is a fantastic piece of music with ten highly melodic and well-produced tracks which are exciting and beautifully crafted. Fans of TREAT or BAD HABIT will dig this for sure and be pleased to core.


watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2Z7aTsUkN4

BURNING RAIN - Face The Music

A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

Fourth album since their incarnation in 1998 and the second since 2013. Doug Aldrich (g, ex DIO, ex WHITESNAKE, THE DEAD DAISIES) and Keith St.John (v, ex MONTROSE, KINGDOME COME) being the core members of the seventies flavored hard rock outfit are pretty active in various bands and projects and highly talented. “Face The Music“ is the strongest effort so far and will please every fan of e.g. WHITESNAKE, LED ZEPPELIN or even GREAT WHITE.


watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXjmHNQV03M

THE END MACHINE - The End Machine

A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

THE END MACHINE and their self-titled debut are highly suitable for fans of American hard rock. It is the classic DOKKEN-Line Up with George Lynch (g), Jeff Pilson (b) and Mick Brown (d) but without Don Dokken himself. There is Robert Mason (WARANT) singing, who has got a dirty voice with which he puts the eleven songs into action. Little bit closer to LYNCH MOB than to DOKKEN but definitely a great statement, though.


watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BE0zcrW84XA


A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

Despite constant line-up changes the young and wild Englishmen are one the THE hopefuls in classic hard rock. With their little portions of punk, melodic rock and heavy metal added to their sound, they rock especially live but since “Generation Me“ (2016) on record, too. “Power Crazy“ is stylistically a great mixture of the essence of THUNDER, AC/DC and newer genre contestants like BIGFOOT. Thumbs up!


watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyE48F_hrxs

L.A. GUNS - The Devil You Know

A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

After their recent live album there is yet another new studio album of Tracii Guns (g) and the guys. And that new piece is quite a good one although you can spot unusual elements in the vein of KYUSS or THE HELICOPTERS in the sound of the band these days but it’s still a L.A.GUNS record which means it heavy sleaze for the most part. In addition to that, frontman Phil Lewis did not sound that good in a along time!


watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQZIRvBSXBw

TNT - Encore - Live In Milano (CD + DVD)

A: 14,5 € B: 17,5 €

Another of those live documents recorded at the Frontiers Rock Festival in Milano, Italy but nevertheless a very special indeed. Due to its 30 years anniversary TNT play (almost) the complete 1987 “Tell No Tales“ record and a few other band classics. By the way, it is the last recording with original singer Tony Harnell who (once again) left the Norwegian band in the meantime. Comes as CD/DVD package.


watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbXvkd6cgoc

BLOODBOUND - Rise Of The Dragon Empire + DVD
(digi pack)

A: 15,5 € B: 18,5 €

BLOODBOUND let dragons fly again in the form a yet another power/melodic/true metal ear candy. “Rise Of The Dragon Empire“ has got a good production and showcases all qualities of the Swedish band who by now have a history of fifteen years and nine albums. Stylistically no surprises but strong songwriting as usual with great hooks and epic arrangements including mighty choirs. All in all, to be placed somewhere between SABATON and POWERWOLF.


watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvVr0XzcmpY


A: 12,5 € B: 15 €

APPEARANCE OF NOTHING from Switzerland combine heavy metal and progressive metal to create a strong symbiosis. Fans of Swiss icons like ELUVEITIE or CORONER will dig this band a swell as those into OPETH, DREAM THEATER or SYMPHONY X. Playful, but mostly heavy and absolutely melodic, the band rocks through the eight tracks ranging from fast to epic compositions like a Swiss clockwork.


listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExZbwtOi7W8

ORPHAN - Lonely At Night (digitally remastered)

A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

Formed in Winnipeg from the ashes of a band called the Pumps the band quickly signed to the Portrait label, an offshoot  of  CBS records, who were bathing in the recent and unexpected success of fellow Canadian group Loverboy. Recorded in New York at the world famous Power Station studios by Tony Bongiovi (cousin of Jon Bon Jovi) and Lance Quinn (Bon Jovi, Danger Danger) the album hits the melodic hard rock nail firmly on the head. As one of the best Canadian albums of the era, it’s a similar, but not identical, sound to both Loverboy and Aldo Nova. Check out tracks such as ‘Miracle’, ‘Saved By The Bell’, ‘Hello’ and the title track for proof. Rock Candy re-issue, digitally remastered.

watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GAh5Zv_Ols

BITE THE BULLET - Bite The Bullet (digitally remastered)

A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

The seeds of Bite The Bullet came together in 1986, their demos attracting the attention of industry Don ‘Mr Arden, the notorious owner of Jet records (ELO, Ozzy Osbourne), who subsequently signed them and financed their lone album. Originally issued in 1989 and recorded in London, the record oozed class and sophistication, conjuring up immediate comparisons to other dynamic UK melodic rock outfits such as FM, Strangeways and Dare. Tracks such as ‘Change Of Heart’, ‘Edge Of The Rain’ and ‘Finished With Love’ showcase a band in full command of both their style and direction; a sound that could’ve been made for the American airwaves. Rock Candy re-issue, digitally remastered.

listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEB09ZZ_r0o

NIGHT - Night (digitally remastered)

A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

Night's vocalists Stevie Vann (aka Stevie Lange) and Chris Thompson had met when Vann had provided backing vocals for the 1978 album "Watch" by Manfred Mann's Earth Band then fronted by Thompson. Soon afterwards Thompson invited Vann to join him in a new outfit. Producer Richard Perry (Rod Stewart) signed the band and the band moved to Los Angeles and Perry recorded the album over an exhaustive twelve months, enlisting the help of top session players, including Nicky Hopkins, Steve Porcaro and Michael McDonald. Containing the US hit singles "If You Remember Me’ and the anthemic ‘Hot Summer Nights’ the album failed to perform. Rock Candy re-issue, digitally remastered.

watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR9_CPk4Dyc

NIGHT - Long Distance (digitally remastered)

A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

Night’s debut album certainly garnered critical and commercial attention, enough in fact to secure two hit singles in the lucrative American market place. This time around, mainly for financial reasons, they opted to record in London. They also chose to switch producer and enlisted the services of bright young upstart Tim Friese-Green (Touch, Praying Mantis), which was a wise move as he switched the sound from their Fleetwood Mac flavored mainstream sound to a more hard rockin' AOR style. Released in 1980, the album, despite its sound quality and the undeniably good song writing displayed, failed to ignite commercial interest. Rock Candy re-issue, digitally remastered.

listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oWkIAnMWH4&list=PLtN4dmtHgNq7PTjlO78QN37eSUweGWsue

RIOT - Restless Breed (digitally remastered)

A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

The departure of a singer cannot be taken lightly by the rest of the band. Yet, Riot managed to publish "Restless Breed" in 1982, just a year after the release of "Fire Down Under". Taking Guy Speranza's role and therefore starting Riot's second era is Rhett Forrester, who ends up being the undoubted protagonist of Riot's fourth full length thanks to his particular style. Still led by guitarist Mark Reale, this record was in many respects hamstrung by a new label who really didn’t know how to market their kind of act. Sadly, Restless Breed should and could have been a significantly more polished release. Rock Candy re-issue, digitally remastered.

watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKNNwJONsR0

UNDER FIRE - Under Fire +8 (2 CDs, digitally remastered)

A: 14,5 € B: 17,5 €

Under Fire, built around the guitar talent of Swede Cary Sharaf, who found fame and fortune after moving to the USA and hooking up with Billy Squier initially. These guys are not to be confused with the other US band of the same name who released the 'Flames' CD from 1991. Jimmy Waldo puts an appearance in, though at the time (circa 1985) he was still with his other band Alcatrazz. Under Fire didn't get this effort out in 1985 so the songs remained for the best part a 'trade secret'. They had a strong driving melodic attack, like an US version of Swedish wonders Treat combined with that Alcatrazz pomp sound circa 'Disturbing The Peace'. Digitally remastered incl. 8 bonus tracks.

listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCG7BTH0uNQ

WARRIOR - II feat. Vinnie Vincent (2 CDs, digitally remastered)

A: 14,5 € B: 17,5 €

The Warrior story goes back to 1982 when New England members Jimmy Waldo on keyboards, bassist Gary Shea and drummer Hirsch Gardner were searching for a replacement for recently departed guitarist, John Fannon. A then unknown guitarist Vinnie Cusano was recommended by KISS’s Gene Simmons. Those precious recordings gathered dust until HNE released a collection of them in 2017. Subsequently, more tapes, some of significantly better quality, have been unearthed from Gary Shea’s personal archive. Also included are a number of the demos transferred from the above mentioned cassettes. This 2CD set is a treasure trove for all those who loved the power and momentum of the first “Warrior” album.

listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ikVD0Py6CI&list=RD2ikVD0Py6CI&start_radio=1


FIRST NIGHT - First Night

A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

Hailing from Estonia (yes !), this seems to be another melodic rock wonder from halfway around the world. The band is listed as just three men. Reneck Sweet on lead vocals. Mikk Tivas on lead guitar, backing vocals and production. And Kristjan Aasamae on drums and backing vocals. Their self titled debut appears to be an independent labor of love. The results are nothing short of spectacular. The meat of FN's sound is a canvas of harmonies intermingled with clear pounding drums, a clear thumping bass line and crisp, sprightly guitar lines and leads. Both thumbs up for a superb slice of classic 80s flavored AOR stuff which combines all the great elements which we'll love from the past. A must have for melodic rockers !

listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEWsSUl-SdU

CROSSFADE - Carousel

A: 13,5 € B: 16 €

Following the success of the first two albums, “White On Blue” and “Secret Love”, Swedish west coast outfit CROSSFADE are now releasing a trilogy of albums in annual succession starting with “Carousel” that will later be followed by – “Innocent Days” and “Falling Upwards”. The core of the band remains with Göran Edman – vocals, Lars Hallbäck – guitars and Richard Stenström – keyboards. The new blood is brought in by Felix Lehrmann on drums (Roine Stolt, Flower Kings) and Johan Granström on bass. The music is still very much Crossfade, a west coast like sound brought into the 21st century. A musical brew that has the easily recognizable sound of Crossfade with spicy flavors of influences from the past and present.

TESLA - Shock

A: 12 € B: 14,5 €

The Americans have been in slightly better shape before even though the vocals of Jeff Keith are exceptional and unique. Co-written and produced by DEF LEPPARD’s Phil Collen, “Shock“ at times discovers new shores without ever fully losing track of the band’s past too much. The title track as well as the fascinating “California Summer Song“ offer a well-balanced impression of TESLA album number eight.


listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WFGoQP4ru8

RON KEEL BAND - Fight Like A Band

A: 13 € B: 15,5 €

Ron Keel’s 35-year odyssey as an entertainer has taken him from the concrete jungle of arena rock to the dirt roads of country music and back again. "Fight Like A Band" combine both, yet overall this is a true hard rocking new effort. "Fight Like A Band" is a honest, wood & blood rocking album, bluesy at times, rocking at many, and with that pich of country / americana here and there. This IS American Rock somewhere between CINDERELLA and KID ROCK, the classic rock from all times not contaminated by modern trends. Something that not many US bands can abide nowadays. Check the arena ready 'Hearts Gone Wild', the melodic hard rocker 'Fire In The Rain', and the effective remake of 'The Right To Rock' for proof.

watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNGVXKHlyNs




A: 4 € B: 5 €

LIONCAGE without doubt walk the path of TOTO, JOURNEY or HUEY LEWIS. Although being a German band they sound pretty international due to singer Thorsten Bertermann. "Secrets" with a guest appearance of Tim Pierce (e.g. RICK SPRINGFIELD) is a track that CHICAGO would have hardly done better in the eighties and for instance "Mysterious Angel" or "The Inner Circle" simply rock. LIONCAGE bubbles. The lions are ready to break out!


watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs6K0YNGXSc

STEFAN BERGGREN - Stranger In A Strange Land

A: 4 € B: 5 €

The Swedish singer did some convincing appearances in hard rock bands and projects in the past (e.g. COMPANY OF SNAKES). "Stranger In A Strange Land" on the other hand is a comparatively quiet, mostly bluesy and partly rocking and  folkish singer/songwriter album. A nice piece of seventies sounding music. Certainly one of the biggest surprises recently. WHITESNAKE veterans Bernie Marsden (g) or Neil Murray (b), among others, are guesting on the album. An album to be paid attention to. 


watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwj3idXjzew



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